Who We Are


Purple is a non-partisan coalition, campaign and movement.
We span the breadth of American society to rediscover and recommit
to our democratic values and institutions.


It begins this November with a media and education campaign
of unprecedented scope that will illuminate and dramatize the
many glories of American democracy.


Why we need to act


More than 29% of the public recently expressed support
for either a “strong leader” or “army rule”. (1)

In 2018 only 33% of the general population expressed trust for government. (2)

Among 1400 young adults asked about the importance of democracy,
only 39% said “absolutely important.” (3)

Only 15% of Americans say that our country’s democracy is doing well. The rest believe it is either facing serious challenges or in crisis. (4)

39 percent of Americans say our democracy is “in crisis” and 42 percent say it is facing serious challenges. (4)


How we make a difference


No matter the politics of the day, American democracy demands participation, and suffers amid indifference and mistrust. The fall’s Purple campaign will be the leading edge of a movement to promote and reward citizen engagement in our communities at every level. Choose an analogy: Are we a refresher course, reminding us of how a democratic society functions? Yes. Are we a playlist of content that tells the American story? Yes. Are we engineers, aspiring to nothing less than a new social norm for active citzenship? Yes. Are we a 70s-style marriage encounter, helping us simply to fall in love with our democracy again? Yes. Maybe that above all. Along the way, we are literally building a brand, a Purple banner of proud participation to be hoisted by the many organizations and individuals already committed to the mutual goal of restoring faith in the American Way. That bears repeating: restoring faith in the American Way. There is hardly in the world a more pressing need. And there is surely no more worthy goal.


A Broad Coalition