Institutional Participants

Preserving democracy is the business of every sector of society and every political constituency. Educational institutions. Big business. Small business. Faith groups. Media. Trade associations. Military associations. Think tanks. Cultural organizations. NGOs.

Here is the (ever-growing) roster of groups contributing to Purple’s efforts:

  • American Enterprise Institute

  • American Library Association

  • Arizona State University

  • Association of Magazine Media

  • Augsburg University Public Work Academy

  • Beyond the Uniform

  • Central Michigan University School of Public Service & Global Citizenship

  • College Promise Campaign

  • Digital Entertainment Group

  • Columbia School of Journalism duPont Awards

  • Federation of State Humanities Councils

  • Freedom Forum

  • George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairsdt

  • The GroundTruth Project

  • Harris Polls

  • Hearst newspapers

  • iCivics/CivXNow

  • Institute for Policy and Civic Engagement, University of Illinois, Chicago

  • International Society for Technology in Education

  • Issue One

  • Jonathan M. Tisch College of Civic Life at Tufts University

  • Leadership Now Project

  • ListenFirst Project

  • National Association for Media Literacy Education

  • National Association of Women Judges

  • National Conference on Citizenship

  • National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation

  • National Council for the Social Studies

  • The National Judicial College

  • News Media Alliance

  • One America Movement


  • RadioPublic/Podfund

  • RepresentUS

  • Rockefeller Brothers Fund

  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

  • Renew Democracy Initiative

  • Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

  • Take Back Our Republic

  • The Bridge Alliance

  • The Patriotic Movement

  • TD Foundation

  • United Methodist Insight


Content Partners

The Purple organization will not centrally create the campaign’s content. That effort will be distributed among scores or hundreds of content partners – from newspapers to songwriters to video-game publishers to YouTubers to streaming platforms. And everything in-between. They will do so according to their own editorial sensibilities, audiences and business models – so long as the results are free of policy advocacy or partisan skew. The Purple organization will supply resources and research, and amplify distribution reach, but will not dictate how any given partner tells the democracy story.

Some of the participants:


Brand Partners

Purple will license its logo to a maximum of 10 consumer brands who wish, in a newly “purposeful” marketing climate, to associate themselves with the effort to strengthen American democracy. Marketers seeking a brand-safe cause – both constructive and patriotic – will be able announce themselves as Proud Supporters of the Purple Project for Democracy in their advertising, on their packaging and at all consumer touchpoints.


Developmental Contributors


Project Advisors


Administrative Coordinator

  • David Bernstein

Civic Engagement

  • Daniella Ballou-Aares, Leadership Now Project

  • Rebecca Burgess, American Enterprise Institute

  • Jeff Coates, National Conference on Citizenship

  • Meghann Curtis, Leadership Now Project

  • Louise Dube, iCivics and CivXNow

  • Michael Hansen, Brookings Institution

  • Elaine Kamarck, Brookings Institution

  • Martha Kanter, College Promise Campaign

  • India Meissel, National Council for the Social Studies

  • Karen Murphy, Facing History and Ourselves

  • Alberto Reyes-Olivas, Arizona State University

  • Lawrence Paska, National Council for the Social Studies

  • Anthony Pennay, Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute

  • Jayne Cherie Strachan, Central Michigan University

  • Lauren Ziegler, Brookings Institution

Corporate Sponsorship

  • Joseph Tripodi, retired CMO, consultant and member of boards

  • David Cooperstein, founder Figurr

Faith groups

  • Cynthia Astle, United Methodist Insight

  • Rev. Jim Burklo, UCC, senior associate dean of religious life at University of Southern California

Live events

  • Tom Wirtshafter, Town Hall

  • Robert Van Leer, Kennedy Center

  • Steve Gottleib,

  • Sandy Hierbacher, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation


  • Susan Goldberg, National Geographic

  • Linda Thomas Brooks, Association of Magazine Media

  • Erica Gruen, principal Quantum Media

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations

Creative Execution Lead:

  • Alona Fromberg-Elkayam, the Brandinista

Brand Management leads:

  • Craig Bland, founder The Engagement Studio

  • David Cooperstein, Figurr

Web Development and Graphics Coordinator

  • Katherine Stein

WTP News campaign

  • Mark Effron, Montclair State University

  • Scott Stanford

  • Michael Stein

  • Vernard Gantt, Montclair State University


  • Scott Donaton, Digitas

  • Jeff Goodby, GS&P

  • Philip Kotler, Kotler Marketing Group

  • Tim Love, Ideas LLC

  • Mark Naples, WIT Strategy

  • Joseph Plummer, Olson Zaltman Associates

  • Mark Read, WPP

  • David Reibstein, The Wharton School

  • David Sable, VMLY&R

  • John Winsor, Open Assembly

  • Ted Wright, founder Fizz


Media Studies

  • Michelle Lipkin, National Association for Media Literacy Education

  • Vanessa Greenwood, Montclair State University

  • Frank Sesno, George Washington University School of Media and Public Affairs


  • Rivers Rutherford, performer, songwriter


  • David Chavern, News Media Alliance

  • Edward VanHorn, Southern Newspaper Publishers Association

  • Audrey Cooper, San Francisco Chronicle


  • Brooke Deterline, Courageous Leadership

  • Roger Macnamee, Elevation Partners

  • Bob Stone, Datamine Ltd.


  • Mark Siegel, First Second Books/Macmillan

Radio and Podcast

  • Laura Walker, Yale School of Management

  • Jake Shapiro, RadioPublic/Podfund

  • Abby Goldstein, PRPD

“30 Days of Democracy” Campaign

  • Rex Doane

  • Laura Porter

  • Ben Rubin

  • Rebeca Ibarra

Social Media

  • Rob Bennett

  • Andy Sernovitz, Gas Pedal LLC

  • Chris Abraham, Gerris Digital

  • Misha Collins, actor


  • Rajiv Vinnakota, Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

  • Joseph Ujobai, Alternative Investments Exchange

  • Nick Primola, Association of National Advertisers

  • David Morey, DMG Global

  • Jann Schwarz, LinkedIn

  • Eric Bernstein, Main Line Center for Laser Surgery

  • Robert Cialdini, Arizona State University

  • Marc de Swaan Arons, Institute for Real Growth

  • Mukul Pandya, The Wharton School

  • Jim Friedlich, The Lenfest Institute

  • Tim Love, Tim Love Ideas LLC

  • Joe Plummer, Columbia Business School

TV and Film

  • Livia Bloom, Icarus Films

  • Marshall Herskovitz, Bedford Falls Productions

  • Jason Hirschhorn, Redef Group

  • Jack Lechner, Columbia University School of the Arts

  • Amy Jo Smith, CEO Digital Entertainment Group

  • Jon Kamen, @RadicalMedia

Video Games

  • Jakub Kasztalski, Unbound Creations